Peru national basketball team

The Peruvian national basketball team represents Peru in the men's basketball internationals. It belonged to the late 1960s, one of the better teams in Latin America and took part in three Olympics and four times to finals of the World Basketball Championship. Since 2001 the team has not participated in official competitions of FIBA ​​, continue to participate during youth national teams.

  • 2.1 The Olympic Games
  • 2.2 World Championships
  • 2.3 Pan American Games
  • 2.4 South American Championships


  • Olympics 1936 ( 8th place): Antonio Flecha, Antonio Oré, Armando Rossi, Miguel Godoy, Luis Jacob, Manuel Fiestas, José Carlos Godoy, Rolando Bacigalupo, Willy Dasso
  • Olympics 1948 ( 10th place): Alberto Fernández, Arturo Ferreyros, Carlos Alegre, David Descalso, Eduardo fiestas, Guillermo Ahrens, Juan Vizcarra, Luis Sánchez, Rodolfo Salas, Rodolfo Sorraco, Virgilio Drago
  • Olympia, 1964 ( 15th place): Carlos Vásquez, Enrique Duarte, Jorge Vargas, José Guzmán, Luis Duarte, Manuel Valerio, Benalcázar Oscar, Oscar Sevilla, Raúl Duarte, Ricardo Duarte, Simon Peredes, Tomás Sangio

Other well-known players

In the 1960s and later Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne played in the Peruvian national team.

Performance in international competitions

Olympic games

Not qualified - since 1968

World Championships

Not qualified - since 1970

Pan American Games

Not qualified - since 1975

South American Championships

Not participate - since 2003