Pest, Hungary

Pest ( Hungarian pronunciation [ pɛʃt ] ) is next to Buda and Óbuda one of the three cities from which in 1873 the Hungarian capital Budapest was created. Previously, she was since 1723 the seat of the administrative management of the kingdom.

Pest lies on the eastern, flat side on the banks of the Danube and occupies two-thirds of the urban area of Budapest.



  • Johann Heinrich Freiherr von Schmitt (1744-1805), Austrian field marshal lieutenant
  • József Hild (1789-1867) architect
  • Johann Boeckh (1840-1909), geologist
  • Imre Kiralfy, impresario and Event Manager
  • Manfréd Weiss (1857-1923), industrialist
  • Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) writer, publicist and journalist, founder of political Zionism
  • Holitscher Arthur (1869-1941), travel writer, essayist, novelist, novelist and playwright
  • Károly Jordan (1871-1959), Hungarian mathematician and statistician
  • Heinrich Eberhard, bell founders of 1800-1839