Pest (ice hockey)

As plague, often agitator (German instigator ) is called in ice hockey a player type that is known to constantly restart attempts, opposing players as well - to irritate opposing goalkeeper through various actions and to bring out the concept - but rarely to reduce their effectiveness or to induce them to commit a delinquent action. Pests differ from the so-called enforcers in that they are mainly out to disrupt the opponent on his game, but not necessarily - as in the North American scene usual - to be involved in a fist fight with him.

Pests turn to legal, illegal and borderline tactics to achieve their goals. Among the most commonly used methods include the tapping of the hockey stick, " trash talk " or the hook and the opposing player clinging. Most of these actions take away from the game, in the back of the referee instead.

Another common tactic is to goad opposing players to a fight, only to recede and a separate penalty time to go out of the way.

Examples of the National Hockey League

While it is controversial among fans of certain players, which player is to be designated exactly as plague, but there are players who are referred by their permanent negative behavior in hockey circles as well as in the media as a plague. In February 2009, the magazine Sports Illustrated has published a list of the most prestigious Pests of the National Hockey League. In the first place went to Sean Avery, followed by Claude Lemieux and Steve Ott.

Other well-known players: