Peter Aerts

Peter Aerts ( born October 25, 1970) is a Dutch martial artist. He is 192 cm tall and his competition weight is 108 kg. His nickname is " The Dutch Lumberjack " ("The Dutch Lumberjack "). This nickname was given to him because of its very strong low kicks.

K- 1 career

Peter Aerts made ​​his K- 1 debut on 3 April 1993 at the quarter-finals of the first K -1 World GP Final tournament against his Dutch compatriot and today's K- 1 legend Ernesto Hoost, which he lost on points. Nevertheless, Aerts has already made a year later attracted attention when he won the second final tournament of K-1 history. So he turned in the quarterfinals Rob Van Esdonk, from the semi-final and Patrick Smith in the final Masaaki Satake then; the first two fights he ended prematurely even by knockout ( KO).

The foundation for a successful career had Aerts placed and confirmed the already in the following year, when he was even able to defend his K-1 Title: In the quarterfinals, he knocked out Toshiyuki Atokawa after only 62 seconds in the semifinals he was his countryman Hoost beat on points in the extra round and in the finals, there was again an early Ko, this time against the young at this time and emerging, but impetuous Jérome Le Banner, which was taken after only 97 seconds from a hard punch; it was already Aerts ninth consecutive victory.

Anyway Aerts could after his K- 1 debut defeat to win 13 fights in a row, 10 of them even prematurely. Only in the quarter-finals of the K -1 World GP Final tournament of 1996, he lost a fight again when he was knocked out for the first time in his career himself: Mike Bernardo was him on 6 May 1996 a co Starting in the third round.

Against Bernardo, he also had his next two fights, but lost these conflicts, although Aerts was disqualified in the K-1 Revenge Tournament 1996 in the first round because of a low- kicks to the groin by Bernardo because Bernardo could not continue to fight. The third fight in a row against Bernardo, he lost again on 18 October 1996 by a co in the third round; the third defeat in five months.

Aerts nevertheless was able to recover very well, for the next five fights he won all of them by KO, including he won against the strong Hug and Le Banner, and on November 9, 1997 at K-1 Quarter-finals again against Mike Bernardo, who in the first round after only 77 seconds from Aerts could be knocked out. In the semifinals, but Aerts was of Hug, the eight months before he could even knock, beat on points.

1998 won Aerts - superior - his third K -1 World Grand Prix title, his opponents he beat this time all in the first round ko: In the quarterfinals, Masaaki Satake, in the semi-final he again met Bernardo and in the finale to Andy Hug, the already could be knocked out after 70 seconds from Aerts. 1999, however, was already in the quarter-finals again the end, when Le Banner could knock him out after only 71 seconds; the Frenchman succeeded as revenge for the bitter final defeat of 1995.

Aerts could (9 Kos), create a powerful winning streak of 10 wins in a row until it finally stopped Le Banner in the quarterfinals of 27 September 1998 to 5 October 1999.

But on this constancy Aerts was never able to return and so he never won after more than five fights in a row. However, is important to note that Aerts was the only fighter who qualified 2008 for Final Tournament; this series ended on 29 June 2009, when he made his elimination bout - Alistair Overeem lost to on points - with now 38 years. In 2006 and 2007 he managed - also due to its immense battle experience - but yet again the K-1 Finals, lost there both times but against his Dutch compatriot Semmy Schilt, who due to its size of 2.12 meters as " Hightower " is known and also the first was that this important tournament could win three times in a row and so equaling Aerts: 2005-2007.

2007 also was very unhappy for Aerts, because he twisted after only 109 seconds, the knee and could not continue the fight; In 2006, he lost by unanimous decision.

On 27 September 2008, the two fighters met then even in the final elimination on each other and this fight could Aerts surprising win on points; he finished Schilt's winning streak of 13 won K-1 fights in a row and was thus once again putting an exclamation point, when he joined the K-1 hat-trick winner Rebuke the gate locked to the final tournament.

At the World Grand Prix 2008, he lost the first fight of the tournament clearly against the strong Moroccan Badr Hari by TKO in the second round.

For the World Grand Prix 2009, Peter Aerts could not qualify. He was defeated in the final elimination Alistair Overeem on points. However, he was able to win the fight against Gokhan Saki reserve for themselves.

For the World Grand Prix 2010, Peter Aerts could qualify again after he defeated Ewerton Teixeira just after the extra round on points.

In the World Grand Prix 2010 Peter Aerts could surprise again. In the first round of the tournament he beat Mighty Mo in the first round KO In the second match of the tournament, he got back to the champion Semmy Schilt. Peter Aerts defeated Schilt, making it the first who managed to throw Schilt of a tournament. This Aerts stood with an age of 40 years back in a final. The fight against Schilt, however, had so weakened that he could oppose nothing more in the final Alistair Overeem Aerts. He was knocked out after just one minute of Overeem. This Overeem won his first title. Aerts later stated in an interview that a tournament now is very stressful for him and individual struggles for him would be better.

Fight Record

91 K-1 fights; 66 wins ( 49 (T) KOs) has 25 defeats over (11 (T) KOs), with only one draw. 2 MMA fights; a TKO is a defeat to task over.


Peter Aerts is the cousin of professional football goalkeeper Maikel Aerts ( 2010-2012 Hertha BSC Berlin).

Aerts 2010 was seen in the film New Kids Turbo, in which he plays himself.


  • IKBF heavyweight world champion
  • WMTA Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion
  • K-1 GRAND PRIX '97 3rd Place
  • K -1 World Grand Prix '2000 3rd Place
  • K -1 World Grand Prix '2003 3rd Place
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1994 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1995 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 1998 Champion
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2001 in Las Vegas finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2006 finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2007 finalist
  • K -1 World Grand Prix 2010 finalist