Peter Brook

Peter Brook, CH, CBE ( born March 21, 1925 in London ) is an English theater director who is counted among the most important representatives of contemporary European theater. Famous are his lectures on modern theater, a book published in 1968 under the title "The Empty Space", influenced a whole generation of directors.


Brook was the son of Simon Brook and his wife Ida Brook, born Jansen, born in 1925 in London. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Latvia. He was educated in Westminster School, Gresham 's School in Norfolk and the Magdalen College, Oxford. Already as a student he occupied himself with the medium of theater. First engagements as a director since 1945 in Birmingham, Stratford -upon -Avon and London, where he mainly William Shakespeare staged. In the 1960s, followed by productions of plays by Jean -Paul Sartre, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Peter Weiss and Jean Genet. In 1970 he founded in Paris the Centre International de Recherche Théâtrale ( CIRT ), from the Théâtre des bouffes du Nord emerged which still exists today.

Apart from his interest in non-European cultures ( as in the play Mahabharata, which deals with the Indian mythology, or his 1979 film, Gurdjieff: Meetings with Remarkable People ) to Brook employs today over again with Shakespeare ( eg Hamlet).

Other films: including the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and several Shakespeare adaptations for the BBC.



Theater productions (excerpt)


  • The Beggar's Opera. 1953 - on the opera by John Gay
  • Moderato Cantabile. 1960 - Marguerite Duras, with Jeanne Moreau and Jean -Paul Belmondo
  • Lord of the Flies, 1963 ( Eng.: Lord of the Flies ) - based on the novel by William Golding
  • Marat / Sade, 1967, published as a DVD
  • Tell me lies. 1968 - London at the time of the Vietnam War
  • King Lear. 1971 - also released as DVD
  • Gurdjieff: Meetings with Remarkable People, 1979.
  • La Tragédie de Carmen, 1983 by Brook's production of the opera by Bizet
  • Mahabharata. 1989 - also released as DVD
  • The Tragedy of Hamlet, 2002

Writings and discussions

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