Peter Collins (record producer)

Peter Collins (actually: Peter Julian Alexander Collins, born January 15, 1951 in London ) is a British music producer.


1976 Collins was active with a group called Madison, who had a contract with Magnet Records. With this group he had a minor chart hit, Let It Ring.

Finally he founded with Pete Waterman a production company. He was responsible for the first two albums by The Lambrettas. This could reach the charts with poison ivy.

Collins was then known especially as a producer of Rush. In 1985, he went for it in the United States. The first albums were power windows ( 1985) and Hold Your Fire ( 1987). In particular, he brought a synth sound with a in production.

He also gained notoriety through the production of Operation: Mindcrime and Empire by Queensrÿche. It was followed by the rockorientierteren Rush albums Counterparts (1993) and test for Echo ( 1996).

Collins was also for Alice Cooper, Nik Kershaw, Bon Jovi, Suicidal Tendencies ( The Art of Rebellion ), Indigo Girls, Jermaine Stewart, Jane Wiedlin, October Project, The Cardigans and Tracey Ullman worked. In 2011 he produced the self-titled debut of the supergroup Flying Colors.