Peter Josef von Lindpaintner

Peter Joseph of Lindpaintner ( born December 8, 1791 in Koblenz, † August 21 1856 in Nonnenhorn at Bodensee) was a German composer and conductor


Peter Joseph of Lindpaintner worked from 1812 to 1819 as music director of the newly founded Isartortheater in Munich. Then he was up to his death Kapellmeister in Stuttgart. When Felix Mendelssohn visited Stuttgart in November 1831 he wrote a little later in a letter to his teacher Carl Friedrich Zelter (15 February 1832): " The Lindpaintner is, I think, now is the best orchestra conductor in Germany, it is as when he with his Tactstöckchen played all the music. " The Stuttgart Opera Orchestra became in the years of his line one of the most important opera orchestra in Germany. He became more widely known primarily for his operas, of which particularly the Mountain King (1825), The Genueserin (1839 ) and Lichtenstein (1846 ) were very popular with the public. He also composed before Giuseppe Verdi opera about the Sicilian Vespers, which was premiered in 1843. Another vocal works several oratorios, masses and songs written by him. Moreover, composed Lindpaintner symphonies, overtures, concertos, chamber music, operas and ballets.

Lindpaintner was a member of the Masonic Lodge Wilhelm to the rising sun in Stuttgart.