Peter Lang (publisher)

The Peter Lang Publishing Group is a medium of international scientific publishing company with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

Corporate history and structure

The publishing group in 1970 in Frankfurt am Main was founded by the Swiss publisher of a family originating Peter Lang ( † 2001), Peter Lang GmbH. A Viennese branch soon followed. In 1977, the publishing activities were incorporated into the newly established under Swiss law Peter Lang AG and moved the headquarters to Bern. Other companies with offices in Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, New York City, Oxford and Vienna.

It is published primarily in English but also in German, French and occasionally other languages ​​. The books are advertised and sold directly from Switzerland and are normally not get into bookstores. Main customer of the publisher are university libraries in Europe and North America.

The original business began as a publisher of dissertations and comparable academic books in German language and served the needs of German and Austrian scientists. It has greatly expanded its bandwidth is changed to the lingua franca of the international scientific enterprise into English. It has one of the largest blacklists of printed titles worldwide.

A special feature is the specialized academic publications in small editions. Each of publication shall specify the own program priorities.

Peter Lang Publishing ( USA)

The Peter Lang Publishing Inc, founded in 1982 is the North American branch of the Peter Lang Publishing Group. The company, based in New York City specializes in the publication of monographs in the humanities and social sciences, as well as textbooks in education and media studies. The research monograph program includes: languages ​​and literatures, religion and theology, history, sociology, cultural studies, gender studies, multicultural studies, linguistics, theater, political science and philosophy.

Oxford, Brussels

The Subsidiary / Branch Peter Lang AG in Oxford was founded in 1996. PIE - Peter Lang was opened in Brussels in 1999.

Other Publications

The Peter Lang Group relocated a number of scientific journals, which are present in the distribution of Metapress.


A small portion of the profit of the Peter Lang Publishing Group flows to the Foundation founded by Peter Lang Peter Lang Children's Trust. Funding educational and social projects. The activities focus on reading so far on the UK. Long-term goal of the Foundation is to be a global aid organization for underprivileged children.