Peter Norton Computing

Peter Norton Computing, Inc. was a software development company, which was founded by Peter Norton. The company was known by several widely used products, including Norton Utilities. Furthermore, it was the Norton Commander, especially the MS -DOS version, the de facto standard for file manager. Several of them inspired clones are very popular today.

The company was acquired in 1990 by Symantec, however, several products are still sold under the old name.

Distributed software

These products were sold by Peter Norton Computing longer time to part with very great success.

  • Norton AntiVirus ( NAV)
  • Norton Antivirus for Mac (NAV )
  • Norton Backup
  • Norton Commander (NC)
  • Norton Desktop for DOS ( NDD )
  • Norton Desktop for Windows ( NDW )
  • Norton Editor ( NE)
  • Norton SystemWorks (NSW)
  • Norton Utilities (NU)


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