Peter-Paul Pigmans

Peter -Paul Pigmans ( born January 31, 1961 in the Netherlands, † 27 August 2003) was the pseudonym 3 Steps Ahead one of the most well-known representative of the Gabber scene. His publications were already on the very first Thunderdome compilations course, the most famous hardcore techno collection.


Through a friend, and later colleague Rob Fabrie ( aka DJ Waxweazle / The Headbanger ) he came to the music, was influenced by the rise of the emerging there musical style hardcore techno and in 1994 founded 3 Steps Ahead. In the same year he released his first album named " Step 1 " in Step Records, a company founded by Pigmans sub label of the renowned hardcore label ID & T. In the same year, there were two other publications. Over the years he produced the 20 plates, sometimes an album ( Most Wanted And Mad ) and a double album ( Junkie 4 Life ). In later records, he performed under the name "The Closer" on, named after his son finished Pigmans.

Peter and Paul died on August 27, 2003 of complications from cancer, after he had fought four years, however. After his death, he devoted Drokz vs. TAFKAT and promo tracks " Dedicated 2 3SA " and " Hear This Cry ( Dedicated To PPP) ".


  • 3 Steps Ahead
  • The Ender
  • The Illegal Alien
  • Silver Bells
  • Bug Slow Biizy
  • Pedro Terzero

Pictures of Peter-Paul Pigmans