Peter Stamm

Peter Stamm ( born January 18, 1963 in Scherzingen, Canton Thurgau ) is a Swiss writer.


Peter Stamm was born in 1963 as the son of an accountant in Scherzingen and grew up with three siblings in Rheinfelden in the canton of Thurgau wine on. He had been challenged by its own account at school and have therefore spent a lot of time early in his fantasy world. After primary and secondary school graduated tribe from 1979 to 1982 an apprenticeship and worked occasionally as an accountant. On the second chance he passed the Matura.

Strain has many refusals on his first literary attempts. His first three novels found a publisher. The fourth novel Agnes, he began writing at 29, was not published until six years later. After strain 1987 for half a year had studied English literature at the University of Zurich and then spent six months in New York, he changed the subject in psychology with psychopathology and computer science as a minor; in addition, he worked as an intern at various psychiatric hospitals. The choice of studies, he explains from further literary interest: he wanted to know more about the people as the subject of literature. The demolition of the psychology studies was the conscious decision to put the letter into the center of his life. Now he only had to write the election or return to work as an accountant.

After extended stays in New York, Paris and Scandinavia, Peter Stamm in 1990 took up residence in Winterthur. Here he worked primarily as a journalist, which he first made ​​possible the publication of his texts. Master worked for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Tages-Anzeiger, the world week and the satirical magazine Nebelspalter. From 1997 he was one of the editors of the literary magazine designs on. From 1998 to 2003 he lived in Zurich, since again in Winterthur. After the success with his first novel and the following publications journalistic activity came more and more into the background compared to the literature, to which he is now concentrated. Since 2003 strain is a member of the association, " authors of Switzerland ». His current residence is Winterthur.


Peter Stamm is the author of narrative prose, radio dramas and plays. It is characterized by its distanced narration and his simple style, which consists of short main clauses and almost completely do without decorative adjectives, metaphors or comparisons. Strain describes himself that his style strongly based on a repeated reduction of the written word. The more trodden the language in the background, the more real would the drawn pictures.

Master writes in his own words, " about people and about relationships between people ." Recurring themes are the manifold ways of love relationships, the impossibility of love, distance and proximity, as well as the relationship between image and reality. This stand in his work not the content, but on the way something is told. That's why he choose not original content, which distracted from the quality of the text.




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