Peter T. Daniels

Peter T. Daniels ( born December 11, 1951) is an American linguist.


Daniels studied languages ​​at Cornell University and the University of Chicago. He taught at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Chicago State University and was a visiting professor at three continents. Today Daniels lives in New York and has been working for a book publisher.

Peter Daniels has specialized in the subject heading. Coming from the Arab Zähltradition and standing for an alphabetic sort order term abjad he has since 1990 translated into a series of publications on the term for a particular, vowel -less alphabet font type ( also Abugida ), but is not there remained unchallenged. Together with William Bright, he is editor of the extensive standard work The World 's Writing Systems ( German: The writing systems of the world).


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  • From Cyrus to Alexander. A History of the Persian Empire. Translation of the work of Pierre Briant into English. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, 2002. ISBN 1575060310
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