Petko Slaveykov

Petko Ratschow Slaveikov ( Bulgarian Петко Рачов Славейков, scientific transliteration Petko Rácov Slavejkov; born November 17 1827 in Tarnovo, then Ottoman Empire, † July 13, 1895 in Sofia, Bulgaria) was a Bulgarian writer, politician of the Liberal Party and one of the activists the Bulgarian National Revival.

Petko Slaveikov was between April 7, 1880 and December 10, 1880 Parliament Chairman, between December 10, 1880 and December 29, 1880 Minister of Education, between December 29, 1880 and May 9, 1881, and between July 11, 1884 and February 12, 1885 Minister of the Interior Principality of Bulgaria.

Petko Slaveikov had a total of eight children including the future politician Ivan Slaveikov and Christo Slaveikov, the publicist Racho Slaveikov and the poet Pentscho Slaveikov.