Petr Chaadaev (ski jumper)

Pjotar Tschaadajeu (White Russian Пётар Чаадаеў, Russian Пётр Чаадаев; born July 21, 1987 in Moscow ) is a Russian and former White Russian ski jumper.


His debut in international competitions were Tschaadajeu on 12 November 2001 at the Continental Cup in Kuusamo. On 12 January 2005, he presented at qualifying for the Ski Flying World Championships in Bad Mitterndorf / Tauplitz with a jump over 197.5 meters on the current Belarusian record. At the Junior World Championships in 2005 in Rovaniemi, he came in fifth on the normal hill. He was a participant at the 2006 Winter Olympics, but was unable to qualify for the competition on the large hill and was disqualified after a good qualifying jump on the normal hill because his skis were too long. In the Summer Grand Prix 2006, he reached a 76th place in the overall standings. In the season 2006/2007 he was the first gain World Cup points and was 77th in the overall standings.

After differences with the White Russian Ski Association he no longer went from next season for Belarus at the start and moved in 2010 to Russia. He was nominated for the Russian squad replacement. After two FIS Cup jumping a week before he went on December 14, 2011 in Almaty for the first time for Russia at a Continental Cup competitions at the start and managed to achieve the first points for his new country with number 27. His best result so far for Russia was a ninth rank in the Continental Cup on 19 February 2012 in Oslo.


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