Petra Felke

Petra Felke (after marriage Meier, after marrying Lars Felke Lungershausen again Felke; born July 30, 1959 in Saalfeld / Saale), is a former German javelin thrower and Olympic gold medalist.


The javelin thrower Petra Felke trained together with Ruth Fuchs at SC Motor Jena. As the sporting career of Fuchs came to an end, Felke belonged together with Ute Richter and Antje Kempe to those throwers, who restored the connection to the world class for the GDR. Her first placement with the GDR Athletics Championships she managed in 1978 with a third place, as in 1981. 1982 and 1983 were respectively second places and 1984-1989, it was six times the gold medal in a row. On June 4, 1985, she presented in Schwerin with 75,26 m world record on, they improved on the same day at 75.40 m.

Her first big success in the international arena was -won with 72.52 meters silver medal at the European Championships in Stuttgart after the British Fatima Whitbread. Also a silver medal for it a year later at the World Championships in Rome, where she had to give again only beaten Whitbread with 71,76 m. In the same year she succeeded on 29 July in Leipzig with 78,90 m, another world record.

Your own monument she sat down, as she threw the javelin exactly 80,00 m wide in Potsdam on September 9, 1988. It was a record for eternity, because this brand until the introduction of the new 1999 Speers unmatched by any other woman.

Shortly thereafter, she won the gold medal ahead of Fatima Whitbread ( silver ) and the German Beate Koch at the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 with 74.68 m. In 1990 she won the European Championships in Split Bronze and 1991, now starting for the unified Germany, the silver medal at the World Championships in Tokyo, where its width was exceeded by 68.68 m only from the Chinese Xu Demei. At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona eventually finished seventh.

Petra Felke launched for locomotive Saalfeld, SC Motor Jena and TuS Jena. She is 1.72 m tall and weighed about 64 kg competition times. In the becoming public knowledge after the fall of documents to the state doping in the GDR was found in the doped athletes also the name of Felke.

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