Petros Petropoulos A.E.B.E. is a Greek company in the automotive industry.

Company History

Petros Petropoulos founded the company in 1922 in Thessaloniki. He sold commercial vehicles, reconditioned engines, manufactured engine parts and manufactured motor vehicles. In 1948 the company moved to Athens. 1956, the production of tractors to and later also forklift. The brand name was Petropoulos. Meanwhile, the company engaged in import and trade operates.

Rolling stock

According to one source, the company assembled first passenger car from Ford and in the 1930s of cars Willys -Overland and vehicles from Diamond T and International Harvester. The company itself specifies the time frame assembly with 1922-1951 and called car from Willys -Overland, and trucks and buses from Diamond T and International Harvester.

1956 began with the model Π -35 production of tractors, which were based on a design by International Harvester. For the drive was provided by a diesel engine from Perkins Engines. Shortly thereafter, the stronger motorized model Π -55 came about.

In 1974 the four-wheel drive truck series Unitrak, which was until 1984 in production.