Petrovsky Stadium

Zenit St. Petersburg

The Petrovsky (Russian Петровский ) is a Russian sports complex with numerous Gedäuden, multi-purpose stadium and the home of Zenit St. Petersburg. The stadium was built in 1925 and was called to 1993 Lenin Stadium. It was extended until today a few times and renovated. Located it is on the Petrovsky Island ( Петровский остров ), surrounded by the River Neva Small (Russian Малая Нева ) and for spectators only accessible via a bridge. The stadium capacity is 21,570 spectators.


The stadium was built in 1925. Due to the unique location in the middle of an island and the resulting exposed weather the construction was largely criticized. Between 1957 and 1961 the capacity was increased to 33,000 seats. 1994 Goodwill Games were held in the Petrovsky. For this event, the stadium was built on the back still valid 21,570 seats.