Petrus Joseph Triest

Peter Joseph Triest ( born August 31, 1760 Brussels, † June 24, 1836 in Ghent ) was a Belgian canons of the Roman Catholic Church. He was a canon at St. Bavo's Cathedral and quadruple Founder. His popularity earned him the nickname "Belgian St. Vincent de Paul ."


Peter Joseph was born the ninth of fourteen children. His parents were the blacksmith Jan Trieste and Trieste born Cecilia Mello. He grew up in Brussels and had to spend part of the education at the Latin School in Geel because of political unrest. In Geel, many people settled with mental disorders and venerated the relic of St. Dymphna, the one zusprach healing powers. Under these influences and experiences matured the first social considerations with him. He later studied at the Old University of Leuven philosophy and theology. In the Seminary of the Diocese of Mechlin, he was a seminarian and was ordained a priest in 1787.

At the age of 76 years he died in Ghent. Throughout his 30 - year career in Ghent, he organized poor relief, he was responsible for the care mentally and physically disabled people and moved their fate in the public. He preached the slogan: "Give and it shall be given you ," 2001, the canonization process for Peter Joseph Triest was initiated.

Pastor of the poor and Founder

After his ordination pastor Trieste worked in several parishes and sometimes had to work underground. In 1800 he worked in the parish of Ronse and moved to Lovendegem three years later. Here he began in 1803 his social commitment. With a small group of women, they took care of the poor and sick. In addition, they organized the education of children. The priest Trieste initially intended this women's initiative into the existing congregation " Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul " integrate, but this was no permit.

Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary

Bishop Étienne André François de Paule Fallot de Beaumont de Beaupré (1750-1835) of Ghent therefore approved the Community as a congregation Episcopal law and gave it the name " Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. Pastor Trieste designed the precepts, and let inspiration from the guidelines of St. Vincent de Paul inspired. On December 26, 1806, he was appointed to the Superior General of the sisterhood. The appointment of canons in the St. Bavo Cathedral ( Ghent) was made on January 14, 1807. Koniker Trieste became the head of the City Hospital in Geneva and received the appointment as a member of the Economic Council of Ghent. In addition, he was appointed to another important committees.

Broeders van Liefde

In 1807 he founded another congregation with young men who are active in the elderly. Broeders van Liefde The Congregation was recognized on 28 November 1811. Together with this religious community he now takes over the care and care for people with mental disabilities and offers these patients a home. In 1820 he built a school for deaf girls, it was followed in 1825 a school for deaf boys.

Brothers of St John of God

Also in 1825 he founded the Congregation of " Brothers of St John of God ", which later became the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Jerome Ämiliani was integrated.

Sisters of St.. childhood of Jesus

This was followed for 1835, the last founding a religious community, the name Sisters of St.. Childhood of Jesus ( nl.: Zusters Kindsheid Jesus ) bears this community supervised foundlings, abandoned children and orphans.