Petty Enterprises

Petty Enterprises was a NASCAR team, which had its headquarters in the U.S. state of North Carolina in Randleman Randolph County. The team was led by Richard Petty and his son Kyle and sat last in the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season two cars one: a Dodge with the start number 43 driven by Bobby Labonte and a second Dodge with the start number 45, mainly from Kyle Petty was itself down. In the course of a merger with Gillett Evernham Racing at the start of the 2009 season the team was disbanded.

History of the company

The racing team was founded in 1949 by Lee Petty named Lee Petty Engineering. In the very same year, Lee Petty took part in the then-new NASCAR Strictly Stock championship and has already won the fifth race at the Heidelberg Raceway. Lee Petty finished the season second in the points.

In 1953, Lee Petty started to use a second vehicle. It was a Plymouth which was being driven by Jimmie Lewallen. Lee reached five victories in the season 1953, in 1954 he won with his own team the championship. Lee Petty was with his team one of the best of his time. Even as pilots Tiny Lund, Bill Mutz and Ralph Earnhardt drove for Lee Petty Engineering.

Between 1954 and 1979, Petty Enterprises won ten championships in the top division of NASCAR, which then was called to 1970 Winston Cup Grand National. Three of these championships learned Lee Petty in the # 42, seven, his son Richard in the # 43

The following years were the weakest in the history of Petty Enterprises. At the end of the 1983 season Richard Petty left his own team, but returned in 1986 back again. However, he never won a race. His son Kyle left the team for a few years to go for the Wood Brothers. In 1997, Kyle returned to Petty Enterprises back in one 's own car in an organization, which he called PE2. The car was later officially incorporated into Petty Enterprises and Kyle was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the race team, which won only three races since the career-ending of Richard Petty.

In 2006, Petty Enterprises Bobby Labonte hired to set the starting number to go 43 and committed Robbie Loomis, Bobby Labontes crew should be chief. Bobby Labonte finished the 2006 season as 21 in the points, Kyle Petty 32nd overall.

In the 2009 season, Petty Enterprises entered in the Sprint Cup no longer as an independent team, but went over to the team Gillett Evernham Motorsports. The new team is named after Richard Petty Motorsports.

Petty Blue

The car with the start number 43 is known for its blue color, which is called by Richard Petty " Petty Blue" and was created by the family. Actually, however, the color was created by an "accident " because Petty had at that time not enough white and dark blue to a color to paint the whole car, so he mixed the colors and the famous light blue, the Petty Blue was born. Rumor Petty had the contract not assumed to be the long-term sponsor STP, if this would have demanded to change the car color. As a compromise, a red- blue car was built.

History of Cars

Car # 1

Car # 7

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Car # 43

Car # 44

Car # 45

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