S. A. Italiana per la fabbricazione di Automobili Peugeot Croizat was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

Vittorio Croizat ran a workshop in Turin. He drove bikes and Rambler cars from Oldsmobile from 1904 also cars from Peugeot. On December 27, 1905, he founded the company in SA Brevetti Peugeot Automobili for the production of automobiles. The brand name was Peugeot Croizat. Three months later the company was renamed in SA Italiana per la fabbricazione di Automobili Peugeot Croizat. President of the corporation was Giovanni Goria Gatti. In November 1907, the company was liquidated. Officine Meccaniche Torinese took over the production.

Rolling stock

The company produced vehicles of Peugeot under license. The smallest model was the 6 HP, which largely corresponded to the Peugeot Type 69. However, the displacement of the single-cylinder engine was increased to 695 cc. In addition, there was the 12/16 HP, which was based on the Peugeot Type 71. The four-cylinder engine had 2205 cc displacement.