PFC Belasitsa Petrich

The PFK Belasiza Petrich is a Bulgarian football club from Petrich. The club played until the 2008/09 season in the top division of Bulgaria, the A Grupa. The club colors are green, white and red.


The club was founded in 1923 as FC Manush Voivoda. 1928 FC Luben Besow, three years later in FC Macedonia another 15 years later in FC ILDs and two years later in 1957, the club FC Spartak came finally to its current name PFK Belasiza Petrich. The club consisted of four other club composed of Petrich. The club plays in the Czar Samuil Stadium that holds 15,000 spectators. Since 1998, the club plays in the A Grupa.

Known player

  • Bulgaria Angel Manolow, Goalkeeper
  • Brazil Claudio Dianu, defender on loan from Levski Sofia
  • Bulgaria Anton Lichkow, Defender
  • Brazil Júlio César, former professional defender in Brazil and Turkey
  • Bulgaria Georgi Petrov, three-time International, former pro at Levski Sofia and in China, master with Locomotive Plovdiv 2004
  • Bulgaria Daniel Gadjew, Defender
  • Bulgaria Blagoj Nakow, midfielder and veteran
  • Bulgaria Dimitar Narkow, Defender former professional at Slawia Sofia
  • Brazil Eduardo you Bala, Striker, a former professional in Brazil
  • Bulgarian football club
  • Oblast Blagoevgrad

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