PFC Svetkavitsa

PFC Swetkawiza Targovishte ( Bulgarian ПФК Светкавица Търговище ) is a Bulgarian football club from the town of Targovishte ostbulgarischen, in the season 2012/13 in the second Bulgarian League, the B Grupa 2012/13.

Overall, Targovishte has 49 years ( Landesrekord! ) spent in the second division, today's B Grupa.


The club was established on July 6, 1922 by the merger of neighboring clubs Levski and Botev peak in Targovishte. In the season 1961/1962 the club reached the B Grupa first time. The greatest success recorded Swetkawiza 1974, when they reached the promotion round. In 1987, the club was relegated, but returned in 1989 back to the second division.

2010/2011 reached to the fourth place in the Eastern Group, the best ranking 1973/1974, and thus to participate in the play-off round. After a 3-1 victory on June 17, 2011 compared to FK Etar Veliko Tarnovo promotion to the elite league founded in 1948, was perfect. However, one had to descend as severed Table directly back into the B Grupa after only one season.

Current squad

As of August 26, 2011