PG Tips

PG Tips is a brand of tea in the UK. According to the manufacturer Unilever 35 million cups of PG Tips a day are drunk in the UK. The tea is also in Britons who live abroad, popular.


PG Tips was first brought in 1930 by Brooke Bond under the name Digestive to the UK market and advertised as a digestive aid. After the Second World War it was the parties are not permitted to refer to tea as a digestive, so Brooke Bond changed its name in PRE - GEST - TEA ( which represented an abbreviated form of PRE - digestive TEA). Some dealers used as a short form " PG", which quickly naturalized and became 1950/51 determined as PG Tips on official brand name. "Tips" (English: Peak ) is an indication that only the tips ( the top two leaves and the flower) are the tea plant used for the mixture.


PG Tips is sold both as loose tea and tea bags.

The mixture of PG Tips named Blend 777 is composed of 12-35 depending on the season teas from around the world and is prepared in the Trafford Park factory in Manchester.

Since 1996, the tea bag version is sold in pyramid ( tetrahedron ) tea bags, so that the tea flavor can develop better, similar to an infusion with tea.