PGF / TikZ is a combination of two computer languages ​​for creating vector graphics. In this case, TikZ is designed as a front end to the macro package PGF, but offers no graphical interface, but provides a simpler syntax than PJF available.

Will be interpreted in two languages ​​by TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt or. As the functional PGF / TikZ is comparable with PSTricks, supports the contrary, however, both the generation of PostScript and PDF files.

The abbreviation PGF stands for "portable graphics format". TikZ is a recursive acronym meaning " TikZ is not a drawing program ."

Some programs that can create vector graphics, offer the possibility of graphics in format PGF or TikZ to save; including the mathematical drawing program GeoGebra, vector graphics software Inkscape, the 3D animation software Blender, the numerical software Matlab, Matplotlib and the statistics software R. There are also editors, such as KtikZ that support the direct design of TikZ graphics by View the graphical image in real time.

Especially when writing academic papers with mathematical, natural sciences and engineering context PGF / TikZ is used for creating graphics in LaTeX besides PSTricks often.