The acronym stands for PGM:

  • ASCII and binary file format for bitmapped graphics, see Portable Graymap
  • A command in the Job Control Language
  • The IATA code of the airport Port Graham Airport ( Alaska, USA)
  • A society for testing and certification of drills, see the Assessment of masonry drill
  • A generic term for several precious metals that are sometimes called Platinum Group Metals
  • The common abbreviation for the scientific journal Petermanns Geographic Releases
  • Plasma gasification melting technology, a process for the conversion of medium and schwachstrahlendem nuclear waste in non-hazardous starting materials
  • A British air - to-ground missile, see PGM (rocket)
  • PGM Art World GmbH & Co. KG, a major German art publisher
  • Patrol Gunboat, motor, a conventionally driven with screw motor gunboat, in the ship's classification of the U.S. Navy
  • The enzyme phosphoglucomutase
  • A transport protocol on the Internet, see Pragmatic General Multicast

Pgm stands for:

  • The proto- Germanic language, see Proto-Germanic
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation