PGO (Automobile)

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PGO is a French automobile manufacturer.

The company manufactures since the 1980s, small series. The present company was established in 1998. Since 2002 PGO a corporation in the majority owned by investors from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Production site is in the southern French Ales.

First PGO built the Cobra, a replica of the AC Cobra with eight-cylinder V- engine from Rover and the chassis of the European Ford Granada. In 1998, he was replaced by the PGO Speedster 356, a replica of the Porsche 356 with suspension, frame and engine of the VW Beetle.

The current models are Cévennes, Hemera and Speedster II The Cévennes as well as the Speedster II are the Porsche 356 modeled vehicles, with modern large- scale production technology by Peugeot ( chassis, transmissions, engines). According to the company 26 vehicles were sold in 2010, compared with 60 in 2009.

2008, the roadster study PGO Cevennes Turbo -CNG unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show with a turbocharged petrol engine, which is designed for operation with natural gas.

According to the company, some vehicles are to be equipped in mid-2012 with BMW engines.

Model Overview

Porsche 356 The PGO 356 Classic was a replica on the platform of the beetle 1998 to 2004

P.G.O Speedster II since 2002

P.G.O P22 Concept Design Study 2007

P.G.O Cévennes since 2008

P.G.O Hemera since 2008