PGO Scooters

PGO is a scooter brand of Motive Power Industry (MPI ) Co., Ltd.. (Chinese摩特 动力 工业, Pinyin Mó Tè Dong Gong Li Yè, [ Mote = sound of engine / Topics ] power industry ') from Dacun, Changhua County, Republic of China on Taiwan.

The company was founded in 1964 and launched in 1972, the production license for the well-known Italian manufacturer Piaggio Vespa, of which probably the abbreviation " PGO " derived. Since 1984, develops and produces it own scooter. Qualitatively, these products are placed in the upper midfield. ³ engines from 50 cc to 150 cm as well as two-and four -stroke engines are available. Among the most successful two-wheelers include the model and Bigmax Star and T -Rex. Current models are the G-Star and Ligero, which replaces the model Comet. 1992/1993 an attempt was made to produce even a motorcycle and developed the PGO V2 1600cc. A motorcycle, which featured a two -cylinder 4-stroke V-engine and 1600 cc capacity and chain drive. Although built and sold one and the model, however, the success did not come.

PGO is one of the few companies that manufactures engines at its own production, sometimes replicas of the Italian manufacturer Minarelli. Since 1996 is behind the PGO Taiwan Tea Company, one of the largest companies in Taiwan.

PGO has managed over the years, clearly settle out of the segment of cheap scooters from the Far East and DIY scooters and particularly enjoys great popularity in Austria.

Further, manufactured by PGO quads, which are called X -Rider, from mid-2007 small ATV should also be made ​​to 500 cc. These models are out at PGO Buxter and as Bugrider.