Phase One Media Pro

Phase One Media Pro ( formerly known as Microsoft Expression Media ) is a commercial cataloging program and the manufacturer's digital asset management system Phase One for the operating systems Windows and Mac OS X.


Media Pro, Expression Media is the successor in May 2010 over which Phase One of Microsoft. Expression Media was at this time in version 2, Service Pack 2 The result is the program called iView MediaPro, which Microsoft acquired in June 2006. With iView created catalog files were able to be edited with Expression Media.

Following the acquisition of iView Expression Media was published on April 30, 2007 by Microsoft and designed so that it can work together with other products in the Expression family. A trial version of Expression Media was made available.

Expression Media was available as

  • Standalone versions 1 and 2
  • Part of the product family Expression Studio 2
  • Part of the Office 2008 package Mac Media Edition.

Microsoft released the Expression Media Service Pack 1 for Windows and Mac, which adds support for HD photos. The last update before selling it to Phase One was the Service Pack 2 for Expression Media 2 The update corrected several errors and problems, eg the simultaneous importing multiple large images has been improved.


The main function of Media Pro is the cataloging of digital data. Professional and amateur photographers use the program to up to Photoshop files represent a wide range of formats of high-resolution RAW files with multiple levels and more common formats such as JPEG and GIF and manage. It can catalog also a wide range of other media formats, including music and video, Adobe PDF, fonts, and rich media formats such as Adobe Flash. The user can efficiently organize and categorize, without being bound to the actual location of the file in the folder structure, it can add metadata including IPTC annotations ( standard for storing text information about image content in image files ) and data find that across different folders and drives are distributed, including disks that are offline. In addition to cataloging Media Pro has a selection of output functions:

  • Print formats include contact forms and lists a
  • Output web galleries
  • Conversion to other formats, such as can be scaled RAW formats, the output can be JPEG, and send as an attachment via e -mail
  • Stuff.