Philander C. Knox

Philander Chase Knox ( born May 6, 1853 in Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, † October 12, 1921 in Washington, DC ) was an American lawyer and politician. He was Minister of Justice ( Attorney General ), Senator and Secretary of State ( Secretary of State ) of the United States of America.

1872 closed Philander Knox from his studies at Mount Union College. He was admitted three years later as a lawyer and had her own law firm in Pittsburgh. In 1876 he became Deputy Attorney General ( Assistant United States Attorney ) for the Western District of Pennsylvania and president of the Bar Association in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Bar Association). As legal counsel for the Carnegie Steel Company he was mainly responsible for the founding of the United States Steel Corporation.

In the cabinets of Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt Knox held the office of each Minister of Justice. 1904 he was appointed the Governor of Pennsylvania, Samuel Pennypacker, as successor to the late Matthew Quay in the U.S. Senate, where he remained until March 4, 1909. From 1909 to 1913 he was under President William Howard Taft Secretary of State. In this position, he reformed the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and made especially for the protection of American foreign investment deserves.

After the end of his tenure in the cabinet Taffeta he sat until his death in 1921 for the Republicans again in the U.S. Senate.