Philip Anschutz

Philip Frederick Anschutz ( born December 28, 1939 in Russell, Russell County, Kansas) is an American billionaire. It is composed of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, among others, the German ice hockey teams polar bear Berlin ( 100 percent ) and Hamburg Freezers ( to 70 percent).

Anschutz took over in the 1960s, his father's oil company. In 1968, he came across a field on oil and took out a loan to buy all adjacent properties. When it came to the source of an explosion, Anschutz hired the famous fire fighter Red Adair. Anschutz sold the rights of rotation about the rescue operation to Hollywood, where just a film was made on the basis of Adair's life. The thus earned $ 100,000 covered the cost of the insert.

1984 Anschutz bought the parent company of Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, the Rio Grande Industries. Four years later acquired the Rio Grande Industries, the Southern Pacific Railroad. The merger of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Southern Pacific 1996 Anschutz with six percent of the shares of the largest shareholder of the Union Pacific was. A major part of the business area of Anschutz continue to represent the construction and marketing of real estate. Thus, opened its 160 million euro construction O2 World in Berlin in September 2008, the second largest with 17,000 seats multi-function hall in Germany.

Anschutz is accused of supporting a conservative Republican campaigns against homosexuals. It is also known that the Discovery Institute is also a large, intelligent design think tank is co-financed by propagating its funds. Since 2009 he financed the conservative weekly magazine The Weekly Standard.

To the press, he is cautious, since 1974 he has given no interview. Together with his wife and his two daughters, he lives in Denver and speculated in art.