Philip Boit

Philip Boit Kimely (sometimes Phillip ) ( born December 12, 1971 in Eldoret, Kenya) is one of the most famous Kenyan cross-country skier and multiple Olympic participants.


Boit grew up in the Kenyan city of Eldoret. His family contact with competitive sports took over his uncle Mike Boit ( born June 1, 1949 ), who won the 800 meters at the Olympic Games in Munich Bronze instead. Philip wanted to become a runner. His best time in the 800 meters was not so bad with 1:46,7 minutes. Still, he could not keep up with the world leaders. As an American sporting goods manufacturer Kenyans for cross-country skiing sought Boit said, although he had never in his life seen snow. After the first training in 1996 in Finland, he has regretted it again. He got frostbite, but he did not give up.

During his first part in the Olympics in Nagano in 1998 the underdog started on the 10 km decision and was 92 of 92 Start ends. But he crossed the finish line. Olympic champion Bjørn Dæhlie waited 20 minutes in the target area, to congratulate him as one of the first and encourage to continue. Even today, both still a deep friendship. Philip Boit even has his son named after him: Daehlie Boit. Also the name of his second youngest daughter was inspired by the sport. They called Olympia.

As a result of the Olympic race he received numerous endorsement deals and was invited to talk shows, where he had to tell of the famous running again. In 1999 he took part in a World Ski Championships was the first African.

During the Olympic Games in 2002 traveled Boit already with more ambitions: He did not want to be last, and succeeded him: He was 64th in the sprint and had at least five candidates behind. In his third at the Olympics in Turin in 2006 he was flag-bearer of the Kenyan Olympic team and at the same time its sole member. His goal is to be better than all the other runners from non- winter countries, he has missed: He was in the 15 km cross-country skiing only 92, while Robel Teklemariam from Ethiopia was 84th.

He sees it as his task, his fellow-citizens to bring winter sports.


"I am proud to be a pioneer. Also, if I can not win, my participation is a win. For me -. , And for my country " ( Boit was the first Kenyans at the Olympic Winter Games. )


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