Philip Catherine

Philip Catherine ( born October 27, 1942 in London) is a Belgian jazz guitarist.


Philip Catherine, son of an English mother and a Belgian, comes from a musical family. His grandfather played the first violin in the London Symphony Orchestra. After the Second World War, the family moved back to Brussels. He began playing guitar after he heard Georges Brassens. Early on, he discovered his interest in jazz. A major influence was the music of Django Reinhardt on his development as a guitarist; Charles Mingus called him in 1978 even "young Django ".

From 1959 he began to play professionally. In 1961 he played with Lou Bennett his first tour, accompanied in the 1960s, but during his studies of economics and Dexter Gordon and Stéphane Grappelli. After his military service he was a 1971/1972 member of the quintet "Experience" by Jean -Luc Ponty, with Joachim Kühn on piano, after he recorded his first LP stream ( with Jiggs Whigham ), the Sacha Distel had produced. With Charlie Mariano and Jasper van't Hof he played since 1973 in the " pork pie ".

He also played in a duo with Larry Coryell ( he brought them closer to the acoustic guitar again), first spontaneously at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1976, and later on albums ( Twin House, Splendid 1978).

Since then, he is in a variety of occupations with many renowned musicians such as Chet Baker ( 6 albums ), Tom Harrell ( 3 albums ), Didier Lockwood ( in trio with Christian Escoudé ), Rudolf Dašek, Charlie Mariano, Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus, Carla Bley, Klaus Doldinger, Alphonse Mouzon, Niels -Henning Ørsted Pedersen ( 3 albums ) Miroslav Vitous or occurred.

Philip Catherine has received a number of awards as a jazz musician, he was 1978 Artist of the Year of the Deutsche Phono -Akademie, 1995, he received the Belgian " Django d' Or", the 1998 French " Django d' Or".

Disco Graphical Notes

  • September Man ( 1974) ( with Charlie Mariano, Jasper van't Hof, Palle Mikkel Borg, Gerry Brown, John Lee)
  • Guitars ( 1975) ( with Charlie Mariano, Jasper van't Hof, John Lee, Gerry Brown, Rob Franken )
  • Twin House ( 1977) ( with Larry Coryell )
  • Young Django ( 1978) ( with Larry Coryell, Stéphane Grappelli and Niels -Henning Ørsted Pedersen - )
  • Sleep My Love (1979 ) with Charlie Mariano, Jasper van't Hof
  • Transparence ( Inak, 1986)
  • September Sky ( September, 1988)
  • Art of the Duo ( Enja, 1991) with Niels -Henning Ørsted Pedersen
  • Moods, Vol 1 ( Criss Cross, 1992) with Tom Harrell
  • Blue Prince ( Dreyfus, 2000) with Bert Joris, Hein van de Geyn, Hans van Oosterhout
  • The Great Concert ( Enja 2009) with Charlie Mariano and Jasper van't Hof
  • New Folks (2014) with Martin Wind

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