Philip Louis, Count Palatine of Neuburg

Philipp Ludwig von Pfalz- Neuburg ( born October 2, 1547 Two bridges; † August 22, 1614 in Neuburg an der Donau) was Count Palatine and Duke of Palatinate -Neuburg from the House of Wittelsbach.


Philipp Ludwig was the son of Duke Wolfgang of Pfalz- Zweibrücken and Palatinate -Neuburg and his wife, Princess Anna of Hesse.

Philipp Ludwig received after the death of his father in 1569, the Principality of Pfalz- Neuburg, while his brother John was I. Pfalz- Zweibrücken. With his marriage to Anna, daughter of Duke Wilhelm V of Jülich- Kleve -Berg, he justified his claims to the succession in Jülich- Kleve succession dispute. He signed the Formula of Concord of 1577 and the Book of Concord of 1580 in its own name and as a co-guardian for the Margrave Ernst Friedrich ( 1560-1604 ) and James III. (1562-1590) of Baden.

Through rapid and skilful action succeeded Philipp Ludwig and the Elector Johann Sigismund of Brandenburg, to prevail against the hereditary rights of others. However, the official acquisition of Jülich, Berg and Ravenstein by Pfalz- Neuburg came only in 1614 by Philipp Ludwig's son Wolfgang Wilhelm, who had recently converted to Catholicism and Magdalene, the sister of Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria, married, and thereby the support of the Catholic League had secured.

Deeply shocked the Protestant Philipp Ludwig showed about the conversion of his eldest son Wolfgang Wilhelm to Catholicism. Before death he probably wanted to disinherit even the successors and therefore the state legislature convened for 28 August 1614 the Duke died, however, on August 22. The funeral service for Philip Ludwig took place on September 19, 1614 in Neuburg and the funeral on September 22, 1614 in the church of St. Martin in Lauingen / Donau instead. Wolfgang Wilhelm did not take part in it.

Wife Anna

The wife of Philip Anna von Jülich- Kleve -Berg was born on March 10, 1552 in Kleve. Anna was educated at the stage when her father William V was Lutheran. The wedding took place in Neuburg on September 27, 1574. As a jointure she kept Hoechstaedt and Liezheim what Wolfgang Wilhelm guaranteed by the agreement of 5 May 1615 Mother. Still in 1601 she left the vault of the chapel coloring in the style of the Protestant Renaissance. The offices Blenheim and Liezheim remained beyond her death on October 16, 1632 in Blenheim, until the end of Swedish occupation on September 6, 1634 Lutheran. She was buried beside her husband in the church of St. Martin in Lauingen.


  • Anna Maria (1575-1643) ∞ 1591 Duke Friedrich Wilhelm I of Saxe- Weimar ( 1562-1602 )
  • Dorothea Sabine (* October 13, 1576, † December 12, 1598 )
  • Wolfgang Wilhelm (1578-1653), Count Palatine and Duke of Palatinate -Neuburg
  • Otto Heinrich ( * October 29, 1580, † March 2, 1581 )
  • August (1582-1632), Count Palatine and Duke of Palatinate -Sulzbach ∞ 1620 Princess Hedwig of Schleswig -Holstein - Gottorp ( 1603-1657 )
  • Amalia Hedwig (* December 24, 1584; † August 15, 1607 )
  • Johann Friedrich (1587-1644), Count Palatine and Duke of Palatinate - Hilpoltstein ∞ 1624 Princess Sophie Agnes of Hesse -Darmstadt ( 1604-1664 ), daughter of Louis V.
  • Sophie Barbara (* April 3, 1590, † December 21, 1591 )