Philipp Christoph Zeller

Philipp Christoph Zeller ( born April 9, 1808 in Steinheim an der Murr, † March 27, 1883 in Szczecin ) is a German entomologist, and small butterflies ( Mikrolepidoptera ) was specialized.


Philipp Christoph Zeller interested at a young age of Entomology. He graduated at the University of Berlin and dealt with beetles, Diptera and butterflies. He taught as a teacher in Glogau and later in Meseritz.

His first publication appeared in 1839 edited by Lorenz Oken magazine Isis and engaged in a critical determination of occurring in René- Antoine de Reaumur Ferchault Memoires butterflies. Zeller published his work, among others, in the magazines Isis, Linnaea Entomologica and the Stettin Entomological newspaper and became one of the leading specialists for small butterflies. In England he met many British entomologists, including Henry Tibbats Stainton (1822-1892), Henry Doubleday (1808-1875) and John William Douglas ( 1814-1905 ). Zeller helped in the preparation of Staintons Natural History of the Tineina ( 1855-1873 ).

Under the presidency of Carl August Dohrn Zeller served as Secretary of the Entomological Society to Szczecin. The Entomological Society of London elected him an honorary member.


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