Philippa Schuyler

Philippa Duke Schuyler [ fɪlɪpə skaɪlɚ ] ( born August 2, 1931 in New York City; † May 9, 1967 in Da Nang ) was an American pianist, journalist and author.

Philippa Schuyler was the daughter of conservative journalist, editor and essayist George Samuel Schuyler (1895-1977) and his wife Josephine Cogdell Lewis (1897-1969), a wealthy heiress from Texas. On the assumption of being able to promote their daughter by Philippa was fed rohköstlerisch. After her parents' view they have a special talent as the daughter of a black and a white parent. Her cod liver oil was administered daily. In fact, they turned out to be a child prodigy: the age of three she began playing the piano; with five she had her first appearance on the radio. As an eleven year old, she went on tour, where they played the pieces they had composed since the age of five. In 1944 she appeared with the New York Philharmonic. They traveled the world.

Between 1960 and 1969, published five books in which she tells of her experiences. She tells of the racial prejudice she met. They see it as a curiosity. In order to have an unbiased audience, they also appeared under the pseudonym Felipa Monterro. Schuyler was a journalist. She also wrote in French and German. In her new job, she reported from the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, she died after a helicopter crash.