Philippe Thys

Philippe Thys ( born October 8, 1890 in Anderlecht, † January 16, 1971 in Brussels) was a Belgian cyclist, who succeeded as the first, three times to win the Tour de France.

Among his Tour victories in 1913, 1914 and victory in 1920 would certainly have some added when the First World War he " had stolen away the best years of " not ( Quote of the tour leaders Henri Desgrange at the presentation ceremony 1920).

At 22 years and 9 months at his first triumph in 1913 Thys is to this day one of the youngest Tour winner ever. In World War Philippe Thys served in the French Air Force, but he was able to continue to train due to numerous special permits.

After Thys in 1927 ended his cycling career, he discovered the archery a new sport in itself. He was also President of the "Brussels archers society."