Phoenix Dwarf

The Phoenix dwarf galaxy is a dwarf irregular galaxy in the constellation Phoenix, which was discovered in 1976 by ​​Hans -Emil Schuster and Richard Martin West and initially mistaken for a globular cluster. It is located at a distance of about 1.44 Mpc from the earth.


The Phoenix dwarf galaxy has in its central region a stellar population of young stars, situated in an east -west and a population mainly of older stars in the outer regions of the galaxy, moving in a north- south direction. The star formation rate in the central region seems this relatively stable, constant throughout the evolution of dwarf galaxy to run ( Martínez- Delgado et al. 1999). In 1999, St- Germain et al discovered. an H I region of about 105 M ☉ directly west of the Phoenix dwarf galaxy. Its radial velocity is about -23 km / s and probably shows a gravitational coupling with the dwarf galaxy.


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