Phoenix (German TV station)

Phoenix (own spelling: PHOENIX ) is a public television, which is operated in cooperation with ARD and ZDF. The German side is represented here by the WDR. The program of the event is encountered as, political, and documentary channel division transmitter consists of documentaries and reportages, news programs, event broadcasts and discussion programs.

Program directors are Michaela Kolster by ZDF and Michael Hirz of the ARD. Seat of the station is the former ZDF Berlin studio in Bonn.


Current coverage

The radiated at 09:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 17:45 clock from Monday to Friday broadcast on site dedicated to current events in the context of reports, interviews and the transmission of press conferences and the like. For important current events and the transfer of the Bundestag meetings or congresses additional spending on the program are included in the program or spending the day lengthened.

Politically or socially current or latent current issues at 09:45 clock (DI - Fri ), 12:00 clock (Mon - Fri ) and 16.00 clock (DI - DO) examined in detail the basis of reports, documentation and expert interviews.

Phoenix does not produce their own news programs, but takes over the main edition of the evening news, Mondays through Thursdays the heute-journal and radiates both programs with sign language interpreters from. The current affairs is represented in the show 's Day, which is Monday to Friday broadcast from 23:00 bis 00:00 clock basis of detailed reports and interviews in detail.


At current political issues the consignment Phoenix is on Mondays at 22:15 clock the discussion Unter den Linden as well as Tuesdays through Thursdays at 22:15 clock broadcast round.

Saturdays at 00:00 clock, the call broadcast dialog ( with Michael Kron's or Alfred Schier, formerly Alexander Kähler ) aired in which presenters speak with a prominent personality.

On Sunday, the press club is taken over by First at 12:00 clock, and broadcast The International brunch, when the press club fails. Furthermore, various discussion programs aired on Sundays at 13:00 to 17:00 clock and midnight. These include the Forum Manager, the fireside chat or Tacheles (the latter in cooperation with the Evangelical Church ).

In addition, the current issues of Günther Jauch Mondays at 09:45 clock and Maybrit Illner be repeated Friday at 16:00 clock.


Most documentaries are taken from the ARD or ZDF transmitters of the Phoenix. In addition comes the documentary series My abroad, in the report, the correspondent of the ARD and ZDF for Phoenix as well as German -speaking first-run English documentation, usually taken from the Discovery Channel.

During the day program several documentaries are broadcast Monday to Friday, usually at 13:15, 15:15, 17:15 to 18:00 clock and 20:15 clock. On Saturday evening, the repetition of the current issue of ZDF History at 21:45 clock and the broadcast of a documentary at 22:30 clock has its regular place.

Saturday afternoon will be broadcast from 14:15 to 17:15 clock several documentaries on a particular subject; on Sunday afternoon certain historical events are examined in detail based on documentation from 14:00 clock in the series Historical Events.

The night program includes repetitions mainly documentaries from the Discovery program series - Discover the World and ZDF Expedition or Terra X. addition added synchronized documentation from the English television and travel reports by ZDF and arte.


The initiative for the establishment of the channel came from the ARD. Together with the ZDF program concept was developed that included not only the originally intended exclusively broadcasts of parliamentary proceedings, other transfers, and especially supplementary documentaries and talk shows.

First, the transmitter was located in Cologne WDR until he moved into 2000, the modernized former capital of the ZDF studio in Bonn. 90, 2007, a solid and just as many freelancers for the transmitter, which a budget of around 35 million euros available from the resources of the license fees available each year.

In August 2006, Phoenix reached a monthly average market share of 1.0 %, which represented the hitherto highest ratings of the station's history. Amounted to about 4.5 million viewers daily Phoenix before the private information channels n-tv and N24. The market share increased in 2006 an annual average of 0.6 % to 0.7 % to 0.9 % in 2008. The upward trend in the acceptance continues.

For the tenth anniversary of the transmitter keeps Phoenix since June 11th 2007 Posts hundred selected events, speeches and talks from the transmission history on his website for download. Since 2007, the program is broadcast in 16:9 format. On 26 November 2008, the old blue station design from the years 2000 and 2003 was replaced by a new one. For this, the logo, the new studio in the broadcasting center of Bonn, inserts and the website have been redesigned. The new logo contains the station name and the current time in black text on a light gray background. Since April 30, 2012 an additional HD offshoot of the television station is broadcast ..

2010 Phoenix received the highest ever average market share of a month with 1.3 percent in December. What was needed, according to the transmitter, especially writing reports on Hartz IV in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. Phoenix had with live reports for arbitration in the dispute over the Stuttgart 21 rail project even rates of up to 5.3 per cent achieved in November, which also represented a record.

In 2011, the station achieved a market share of 1.1 percent of the best years since the start of its existence. The most popular among viewers found contributions to the political upheavals in the Arab world, the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the financial crisis.

Station logos

Old logo until November 2008

Old logo until 2012

Current logo

Logo of HD offshoot since April 30, 2012


The program of Phoenix can be received as follows:

  • Home antenna: DVB- T (digital terrestrial television )
  • Analog cable mains
  • DVB -C (digital cable )
  • DVB -S (digital satellite TV) (Astra)
  • Reception on the platform Telekom Entertain and Alice.
  • Live Stream (Only a few shows are broadcast online. )
  • Zattoo P2P IPTV