Phoenix Motorcars

Phoenix Motorcars, Inc. is an American automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Ontario in the U.S. state of California. The aim of the Phoenix Motorcars it is since its founding in to develop and manufacture products that are particularly suitable for road traffic on motorways 2002 electric vehicles. The vehicles will be recognized by the state authorities and as Zero Emission Vehicles. The company status is currently only a Startup Company. Financially, the company has long been considered bankrupt. Only in the summer of 2009, the situation improved. Phoenix Motorcars is also an unofficial part of the GMDAT and is managed since 2006 by the Manager Daniel J. Elliott, who has already gained extensive experience in Daewoo and Daimler Chrysler.

In collaboration with Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. and Electrovaya Inc. then succeeded in 2008 after a company's internal restructuring and to win other investors to launch the first two models in series production.

As SUV Pickup branded the Phoenix SUT, which acts as a sister model to the SsangYong Actyon Sports presents. The SUV closed, however, the Phoenix SUV, which ranked as the sister model for SsangYong Actyon. Both are equipped with 35 kWh strong Nanosafe battery packs that allow the vehicles have a maximum range of 150 km. Recharging the batteries should be completed in no more than 10 minutes.