Phoenix reclinata

Senegalese date palms in the Serengeti

As Senegalese date palm (Phoenix reclinata ) is a species of palm is called, which occurs mainly in the Comoros and Madagascar, but also in the tropical belt of Africa, and in South Africa.


The Senegalese date palm grows more stocky and typically grows to heights of growth of 8 meters and trunk diameters of 10 to 15 cm zoom. Remarkable are its long, narrow, provided with large spines pinnate leaves ( fronds ). Although these are intended for protection against wildlife feeding, they are hardly effective. In general, it is reminiscent of the Canary Island date palm, but for example, the strains are usually bent what you reclinata has introduced the botanical name.

The initially green fruits discolor in increasing maturity of orange to reddish brown; they have a length of 12 to 18 mm and a diameter of 7 to 8 mm.


This type can withstand very high temperatures, but it is very susceptible to frost. Likewise, this palm can show through the bush like intergrowth of the tribes an amazing regeneration. The Senegalese date palm can also be used as a houseplant.