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Phorkys ( ancient Greek Φόρκυς ) is an old man in Greek mythology as shown god of the sea, according to Karl Kerényi an " age of the sea" like his brother Nereus.

He is a son of another old god of the sea, the Pontos and the earth goddess Gaia, and thus a brother of Eurybia, keto and Thaumas. According to the Orphists he is with Kronos and Rhea one of the eldest offspring of Oceanus and Thetis.

He is mainly famous for its egregious offspring that he sired with his sister, the sea monster Keto. Among them were the Gorgons and the Graeae and Echidna and Ladon, the monster Scylla, the Hesperides and the nymph Thoosa, the mother of Polyphemus, whose son he claimed in other traditions - and with a wider and younger marine God as Father, namely Poseidon - is also back.

As with the three- figure Tethys, Thetis and Eurynome and other mythical figures such as Hecate and Styx, however, is also not clear whether Phorkys, Proteus and Nereus are not names for one God in its various embodiments.

According to him, several places were named, such as the harbor in Ithaca.