Photek is the stage name of Rupert Parkes ( born 1972 in St Albans, England), a drum -and- bass producer from Ipswich in England. He also appeared under pseudonyms such as Special Forces, Studio Pressure, Aquarius and Sentinel.

Life and career

Photek was active early in the English drum and bass scene, his first release in 1992 was a collaboration with Rob Solomon. Since the mid- 1990s he was active as a remixer and has also contributed to the soundtrack.

Photeks first publications were still dominated by the ambient style, but also typical drum -and- bass - even with rhythm elements. Due to the use of " fractal Beats" was especially his EP The Hidden Camera ( 1996) " was added as a sensation in jazz circles " (Wolf Kampmann ). His album Modus Operandi, which appeared in 1997, then coined the typical " Photek - style " atmospheric pieces with cool, highly complex beats, partially backed by minimalist synth melodies, but contrasts with the sound of a plucked bass. This and a penchant for improvisation, a jazz influence recognizable. At the same time Photek collaborated with musician Kirk Degiorgio. In 1996, the single T- Raenon on Degiorgios Label Op -ART.

Photeks penultimate album Solaris moved by this sound off, more gloomy house tracks and abstract ambient pieces out. After the release of Solaris Photek left his former record company, the Virgin Records sublabel Science, and published his productions since then on his own label Photek Productions.

1996 produced Photek for WipEout 2097 the song The Third Sequence.

Discography (selection)


Singles and EPs

Lexigraphic entries

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