A photographic image or photograph (abbreviated picture), also referred to as ambiguous photography and short photo, produced by application of optical principles and equipment in conjunction with a light-sensitive medium whose state changes under the action of light, either chemically or electrically. A distinction is made between:

  • Positive and negative, as well as
  • Analog and digital image.

A positive results from positive, a direct positive process, a negative in the positive-negative or negative process.

Analog image

In the analog image, the photographic image is saved as unique on film or plate permanently; the unique prints, enlargements or film copies can be made for negative - positive process.

Digital image

In digital image passes through a photographic image of an image conversion and is stored as appropriately modified "original" on an electronic storage medium; The digital image can be duplicated without any loss. When making a Ausbelichtung turn creates an analog image.

Pictures of Photograph