PhotoLine (up to version 13 yet PhotoLine 32 or PL32 ) is an image editing program of the German company Computer island, is distributed as shareware and was originally developed for the Atari Falcon 030.

The current version of the program runs on different versions of Windows ( XP) and Mac OS X ( 10.6). A special feature is the processing and combination of raster and vector graphics. It also has features like image overview, poster and label printing, generating barcodes, creating charts and offers basic layout skills ( in document mode can, for example, multi-page, create press-ready documents and exported as PDF files). Via Aspell can also be integrated spell checking on Windows, Mac OS X, the native test will be used. PhotoLine already includes a wide range of filters and effects, but can also be extended by Photoshop plug-ins; In addition, PSP tubes can be imported.

PhotoLine is working with the layer technique, working levels ( adjustment layers ) and layer styles ( layer effects ). It will continuously support editing in 16 -bit color depth per channel. Raster images can be converted to vector graphics. Recurring activities can be automated, web- export facilitates the choice of image format, creates GIF animations or generated buttons for websites along with HTML code. The read, edit and save PDF files is also possible Unicode is supported. In most filter dialogs, the individual can (color) channels are directly elected separately: in addition to CMYK, RGB, and grayscale also HIS and Lab are supported. A rudimentary import function for camera raw formats is available.

PhotoLine supports nearly complete color management according to ICC standards; these include the free choice of the working color space conversion and assignment of color spaces, a private printer color management and soft proofing (Print simulation).

The program is being developed in close contact with users and can be downloaded for testing purposes for free from the manufacturer's website. The complete installation requires approximately 20 MB on a PC, 30 MB on a Mac ( because of Universal Binary) and is considered to be extremely stable. PhotoLine is currently (Fall 2013) available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Chinese.


  • Combines the processing of raster and vector graphics and layout in a program
  • Full color management including pressure simulation
  • RGB, CMYK, Lab and Grayscale color models; the color model and the ICC color space can be set individually for each level
  • 8, 16 and 32 bits per color channel
  • Full level support including display modes / blending modes and grouping
  • Non-destructive image editing by setting levels / work planes, multiple layer masks per layer and layer styles
  • Nondestructive scaling, rotating, and perspective correction
  • Most filters are also available as setting levels / levels of work
  • Many filters, brushes and setting levels can - regardless of the color space that level - are also used in the Lab and HIS color model
  • Vector layers and text layers with spelling correction and character and paragraph styles, text flow in or around objects
  • Multi-page documents and text flow from page to page
  • Support Photoshop plug-ins and PSP Tubes
  • Support pressure-sensitivity of Graphics Tablets
  • Import and export of Photoshop PSD files, PDF files, animated GIFs, Adobe Flash animation, SVG vector graphics, and many other
  • Processing of raw data formats of digital cameras based on dcraw
  • Macro recording (actions) and batch processing
  • Support for 64 bit processors and multi-processor systems
  • Small program size, very fast startup, can also be started from a USB stick or similar