Phu Quoc International Airport

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The Phu Quoc International Airport ( Vietnamese: san bay Quốc Phú Quốc Te ) is the airport of the island of Phu Quoc Kien Giang province in Vietnam.

The plan

The development plan from Phu Quoc Int'l was approved in 2006 by the Prime Minister Phan Van Khai. The airport was officially opened on 2 December 2012.

After completion of the first phase it has a capacity of 2.6 million passengers per year. In the final stage (2020 or later), capacity will reach 7 million passengers per year.

The airport will be equipped in the final stage, each with a 3,000 -meter-long airstrip, a passenger and several cargo terminals. It will cover an area of ​​900 ha. The total cost estimate for the new airport is about 810 million U.S. dollars (about 570 million euros ), which are funded by the government investment budget and in - as well as foreign investors.

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