PHY (chip)

PHY ( faɪ pronounced, actually fɪ of Physical Layer) is a term used in computer and communication equipment, with a special integrated circuit or a functional group of a circuit is called that and for the encoding and decoding of data between a purely digital system is a modulated analog responsible. PHY stands for physical interface. The term is found, for example, on the circuit diagrams of Ethernet cards. Fully integrated Ethernet controller modules have installed a PHYceiver.

PHY is still the common abbreviation for the physical layer of the OSI model.

Application Examples

  • A PHY semiconductor is usually used on Ethernet devices. He serves the digital access to the modulated operating channel. Typically found in the environment, a further, independent of the medium component, the so-called MAC.
  • A PHY group is integrated in most USB controllers on hosts and embedded systems, and represents a bridge between the digital and the analog electrical connecting plane of the interface
  • IrDA specification for infrared data transmission contains the description of a IrPHY for the physical layer of the data transport.

In the Ethernet controller integrated PHY

  • Abbreviation
  • An electronic circuit