Wall Gecko ( Tarentola mauritanica )

The Phyllodactylidae ( = leaf toes) are a family of gecko -like ( Gekkota ). They come in southern Europe, Africa, southern North America, Central and South America, especially south of the Amazon, in front and in South East Asia. The family was only in 2008 due to phylogenetic studies prepared using DNA sequencing protein-coding DNA of 44 gecko species and is the sister group of the authentics geckos ( Gekkonidae ). To her all gecko species include a younger ancestor with Phyllodactylus pulcher, as share with the tokay gecko ( Gekko gecko ), a total of 103 species. This includes the European species of gecko ( Tarentola mauritanica ) and European Journal of fingers ( Phyllodactylus europaeus).

The original classification of Gecko -like directed primarily by the structure of the adhesive toes, but ignored that different structures toes had more times independently, depending on the environment of the animals.


  • Asaccus Dixon & Anderson, 1973
  • Haemodracon Bauer, Good & Branch, 1997
  • Homonota Gray, 1845
  • Phyllodactylus Gray, 1828
  • Phyllopezus Peters, 1877
  • Ptyodactylus Oken, 1817
  • Tarentola Gray, 1825

The first person to describe the family suggests that three other South American species that were not included in their study, must be placed in the new family:

  • Bogertia Loveridge, 1941
  • Garthia Donoso - Barros & Vanzolini, 1965
  • Gymnodactylus Spix, 1825