Physics Today

Physics Today (Phys. Today) is an English-language, academic journal on issues of physics. It is published as a magazine for members of the U.S. trade organization American Institute of Physics since 1948 and delivered to the currently 130,000 members of its 12 member societies, including the American Physical Society. In the last 60 years, many well-known physicist who wrote for the magazine, including Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr and Richard Feynman.

Although the content of the magazine is scientifically accurate and up to date, but it is not a journal in the sense that it would be a common medium for the publication of new research results. Rather, its contents from a mixture of review articles by experts on important scientific developments, briefly summarizing articles from editors and members of news relating to the scientific community, such as for science policy.

The journal is therefore an historical source on contemporary events that are related to the physics, such as the U.S. Star Wars program of the 1980s, or the state of physical science during the 1950s and 70s in China and the Soviet Union.

Your Internet presence Physics Today Online extends the range of topics the journal through Internet links to relevant articles and news, a meta- search engine for scientific publications, job vacancies and a calendar of events.

The impact factor for 2012 was 6,762 (previous year: 5,648 ).