Physis ( φύσις ) is a Greek theological, philosophical and scientific term that usually associated with "nature" (Latin natura ), " natural texture ", natural, body composition is translated.


The oldest written testimony of this word is in the Odyssey of Homer, who used it once and refers to the growth behavior of a plant species. The original meaning is translated with the natural growth of plants, animals and natural developmental processes outside the external influence. Already in the philosophers before Socrates, the use of developed towards meaning " nature". Since Aristotle, the physical ( the object of physics ) is often contrasted with the metaphysical ( the subject matter of metaphysics ) and the man from the created ( techne ). The verb means φύω germinate as natural nasco from the verb.

Medical / Biology

In biology and medicine, the word element - physis is used in expressions such as symphysis, epiphysis in terms of " growth ", " Grown ". In the Anglo-American language area of ​​the medical term exists " physique " for the area between the bone metaphysis and epiphysis. In German, only the term " physis " usual.