Pia stands for:

  • (614 ) Pia, an asteroid
  • Pia ( first name ), female first name
  • Man, Pia! , German television series
  • A crop from the family of Taccaceae, see East India arrowroot
  • Pia (Pyrénées -Orientales), a town in the department of Pyrénées- Orientales, France
  • Pia ( titular ), a titular in Tunisia
  • Pia mater, soft brain and spinal cord, meninges see # pia mater

Pia is the surname of the following persons:

  • Pascal Pia (1903-1979), French writer, journalist, illustrator and scholar
  • Secondo Pia (1855-1941), Italian photographer

PIA is an abbreviation for:

  • Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan after the airline ICAO code
  • Para- Iodamphetamin, a psychoactive research chemical, see 4- Iodamphetamin
  • Peripheral Interface Adapter, Motorola or MOS Technology 6520
  • Porcine intestinal adenomatosis, a pig disease, Porcine proliferative enteritis see # Clinic and Pathology
  • Price Index -Austria, Austrian price - bond index
  • Primary Interop Assemblies, a software interface
  • Privacy Impact Assessment, an impact assessment of a method in terms of data protection and privacy for individuals
  • Psychiatric outpatient clinics, a multi-professional outpatient psychiatric treatment offer specialized hospitals and psychiatric departments of general hospitals
  • Psychotherapist in training, see Psychotherapist # education
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